An orangy spread of sunshine

I woke up feeling super sore at my calves (and it’s still painful). It is as though I had played soccer the entire night as the midfielder. So it came to my mind of asking what is the correct term to use? This game where 11 men chase after one ball for a good whole 90 mins, sometimes more due to overtime or when it’s a draw, evolved and flourished in Britain. Its origin remains debatable as some say Greeks some say Chinese and some say the Egyptians. God knows.

Anyway, since British are the ones who made this game so popular, we ought to follow their preferred name for it, right? Here’s an article that tells the difference between soccer and footy.

So I’ve always been right. I remember many years ago when David (sounds more intimate calling him this) was still number 8 and then number 23, I chanced upon an article talking about the 2 terms. Tgif. (:

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